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Process Improvement Training

Business Process Improvement Training

Learn the fundamentals of effective business process improvement
and business process management for people processes...

"The keys to this approach . . . are the involvement of the workers and the simplicity of the charting approach.
Even those participants who have never seen a process chart can almost instantly see how the process works, their role in it, and how it can be improved. This level of involvement means continuous buy-in, which significantly improves the chances of success. The emphasis on the document as the key process element and the ability to diagram the document to flow easily, rapidly, and clearly sets this approach apart from all the others." Fredric D. Heilbronner, Dir. of Systems Consulting, eForms, Digital Consulting & Software Services, Inc.


Customize our 3 day in-house training workshop to meet your specific requirements - (Management Overview, Data Collection, Using the Software, Analysis, Calculating Benefits and Costs, Preparing and Presenting Recommendations...all geared toward improving productivity and performance.)
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Our three-day training workshop is a fast track course for people who want to develop process-oriented expertise and deliver process-focused improvements for internal and external clients.


If you have 3 or more people you would like trained, you may opt to send them to our facility in Dayton, OH. The price for this is the same as the price for attending a public workshop. Once a date is scheduled, we will promote the workshop publicly.
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Learn to organize and guide teams through process improvement projects
Draw process flow charts by hand and with the Graham Process Mapping Software
Become familiar with process flowcharting as the principal tool of the improvement methodology
Learn how to analyze process maps and identify opportunities for improvement
Produce maps of work processes that are easy-to-read, easy-to-update, and ideal for training and maintaining ISO certification

"Excellent Class!
I can't think of any organization that couldn't use these skills to work more efficiently, save money and improve customer satisfaction. Thank you!"     Esther Sanchez, SCC Mental Health Department
"The course is excellent!"     Ginny Jones, CRM, Records Manager, Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities organized common sense approach
"Over the years I have sent many people to Ben’s workshops and on a couple of occasions have had him conduct in-house workshops for me. Anyone attending a Graham Process Improvement Workshop can expect to come away with an organized common sense approach to achieving process improvement."     James Millen, President, Productivity Unlimited

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