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process improvement workshop

Learn to prepare detailed process maps quickly and thoroughly.  Learn how to analyze  process maps, identify opportunities for improvement and guide teams through process improvement projects. Introduction to continuous improvement and using a process map library as its foundation.

Arrange for a class at your facility or join one of our public workshops at:
The Dayton Engineers Club, 110 E Monument Ave, Dayton, OH 45402.

Three Days to Clarity…
Join us at our next workshop for three days of intensive, hands-on process improvement training. A 3-day investment of your time and attention will provide you with tools and method to see where your organization is losing time, energy, goodwill and money.

We Know…
The best laid plans often go awry. Life and time pressures convolute our best processes. New requirements, controls, CYA are often addressed with bandages (adding or cutting a step here and a step there) until a process that may have been understood and handled by one person now winds through multiple departments and work areas. Complicated processes can invite “work-arounds” and shortcuts that can short-circuit safety, quality,  profitability and morph the process further and further from your company vision and what will really best serves your team.  And, these changes are likely invisible to management.
Employees doing the work aren’t necessarily privy to the big picture and have never had the opportunity to understand how their piece of the process fits in with the rest of it.  They may not know why certain steps are in place and whether they are really necessary.  When employees aren’t consulted about  process changes, they remain “in the dark” and the organizations misses out on its biggest improvement resource opportunity.
It is not easy to understand the details of a complicated and convolutes process. Facilitating a successful Process Improvement Meeting takes skill. Telling a manager how things should be different can be especially difficult.

Ready, Aim, Fire...
Before you invest in a BPM, integration, or improvement solution, understand where you are and what you have. Graham Process Maps illustrate and define the real work people do and provide a solid foundation for detailed analysis and improvement. We offer the fast track methodology to developing a real world Business Tune Up with well- documented processes that are developed by the people closest to work and supported with vision, direction and commitment from management. Make the most of the experience and insights from your entire team into a workable, realistic action plan with documented processes.

Action Plan... Our workshop can take you or your staff QUICKLY to competency in Business Process mapping, analysis and management. Eliminate waste, save time, save money, reduce errors, improve customer service… And do it quickly.

Our upcoming workshop not only will teach a proven methodology, it will provide training on the best tool available to document, illustrate and implement real change within an organization. Join Dr. Graham and myself for three days of intensive, hands-on process improvement training at our next workshop. Delegates consistently rate our workshop as one of the best and most useful they have attended. The workshops are hands-on and delegates leave with skills that enable them to begin documenting and improving processes immediately!
Process Improvement Workshop

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