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Process Improvement Workshop Testimonials

"I found this workshop a valuable way to implement a powerful tool to improve any business process." Javier Perez, Consultant (Food Industry)
"I attended your seminar last month. We are finding Graham work simplification to be a powerful tool - our pilot project reduced the steps in a warranty tracking procedure from 47 to 27 steps and will save approximately 3000 handling operations per year." Pat Walker, VP-IS (Heavy Equipment)
"Just took the course and was very surprised, thought it would be another gimicky plot to sell some software but I came away quite impressed. Before the end of day one, I couldn't wait to start using it. Great program, written extremely well, easy to use, etc. A simplification process that's been around a long time and merges great with modern technology." Robert Hare (Heavy Equipment)
"A practical/logical approach to eliminating waste and simplifying the way in which you approach work." Michael Bomar II, Program Integrity (Healthcare Industry)
"The keys to this approach . . . are the involvement of the workers and the simplicity of the charting approach. Even those participants who have never seen a process chart can almost instantly see how the process works, their role in it, and how it can be improved. This level of involvement means continuous buy-in, which significantly improves the chances of success. The emphasis on the document as the key process element and the ability to diagram the document to flow easily, rapidly, and clearly sets this approach apart from all the others." Fredric D. Heilbronner, Dir. of Systems Consulting, eForms, Digital Consulting & Software Services, Inc.
"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Both 'Grahams' were extremely knowledgeable about the processes taught and were very gracious as well." Tonya Wilkins, Business Analyst (Healthcare)
"I wanted to take the time and let you know how well organized and thought-out your training class was. I was very impressed with your knowledge of workflow and process analysis. The presentation of the material was very thorough and I found the team-based exercises to be informational and representative of what I or anyone will encounter in the field." Steve Clark (Petroleum)
"The Ben Graham Corporation opened my eyes to the necessity of charting business processes to facilitate continuous improvement strategies." Robert St. Arnold, Business Analyst (Healthcare)
"It was a GREAT training session! We are really motivated!" Ginny Jones (Local Government)
"This course is beneficial across a wide range of industries and positions. I highly recommend it." Shawn King, IT (Healthcare)
"...extraordinary value placed on people." Lesley Carlson, Marketing (Credit Union)
"I have been on many training sessions. I rate this as one of the best in terms of applicability, content, scope & balance." Louis Chagnon, Director Reengineering (Federal Government)
"Finally -- an organization tool that utilizes a visual approach to business processes! It is easy to improve what you can see." John Black, Vice President (Business Forms Design Industry)
"It's the biggest bang for the buck I ever spent. Major Benefits." Ron Elias, Plant Manager (RV Manufacturer)
"Best workshop I've attended in several years." Kurt Holfeuer, Vice President (Credit Union)
"Ben Graham is obviously a 'grand wise person'." Eva Wetzel, Director of Organizational Development (Hospital Industry)
"...immediately used the information on Monday morning to begin documentation of our fund valuation process." "Theresa McGrath, Business Systems Analyst (Banking Industry)
"A good charting method for Business Systems Analysis.  Easily understood by both systems people and users." Darryl Sopher, Systems Development Supervisor (Mining Industry)
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