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William R. Conner

Software Developer

William R. Conner is an Aeronautical Engineer (BS, MS Purdue University) who has developed many applications supporting management and engineering operations. He is the principle developer of Graham Process Mapping Software.  This development effort which began in 1989 has been rewarded with consistently favorable comments from users and glowing appraisals from professional reviewers.

The underlying design goals in the development of Graham Process Mapping Software have been to create a full-featured tool that is easy to learn and easy to use. We have attempted to make the basic drawing functions obvious and intuitive so that a novice can comfortably prepare simple charts very quickly.  Advanced features are readily available, yet they don't interfere with basic chart drawing.  In this way, the charter does not become overwhelmed or confused while progressing from simple chart drawing to more advanced features. The expert is not hampered by excessive "help" he doesn't need and is able to chart very quickly and consistently while using both basic and advanced features. Twenty-four years of feedback from our users and testing with people unfamiliar with the application have helped us meet these often potentially conflicting goals.

In addition to Graham Process Mapping Software, Bill's management applications have included a general project management system -- Effective Automated Systems Engineering Project Management System (EASE PMS), several specialized project management systems, a shop floor workflow and man-hour accounting package, cost projection models, a hazardous material tracking system, automatic generation of online help files, and several inter-system data transfer programs. His engineering applications have included wind tunnel data reduction, Fourier Transform spectral data analysis, a general operational simulation system using enhanced Petri Nets, satellite photo analysis, and plotter driver software. He has developed several software systems supporting aircraft survivability against Surface to Air Missile and Anti-Aircraft Artillery defenses. These include a many-on-many Aircraft/Anti-Aircraft Artillery simulation, aircraft flight profile generators, visual aircraft/defense simulators featuring actual terrain effects, and the addition of actual terrain effects and enhanced radar simulation to a campaign model.

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