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Dr. Ben S. Graham, Jr.


Dr. Graham is a recognized authority on process improvement and a Fellow (the highest membership category) of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. He has received the Jo Warner award, the highest award of the Business Forms Management Association and he received a Commissioner’s Citation for his work with the Bureau of Drugs (rarely awarded to a non employee).  He has also been recognized with the President’s Award and the Mogensen Bronze, the two highest awards of the Improvement Institute.

Dr. Graham has four University degrees, a BA Magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa in Business Administration from Ohio Wesleyan, a BFA in Studio Art with honors from Ohio Wesleyan, an MBA in Production Management from UCLA and a PhD in Behavioral Science with distinction from UCLA.

His career, like his education, balances excellence in technique with years of development of people skills.  On the technical side he has continuously improved the techniques of Process Charting, Process Analysis, Design and Analysis of Forms (both paper and electronic), Project Management, Implementation technique, Benefit and Cost analysis, etc.   On the human side he has continuously improved the methodologies for guiding teams through complex improvements. He conducted his first process improvement workshop in 1960 and has continued to conduct workshops ever since.  He guided improvement projects and assisted companies in building continuous improvement programs for over 40 years.

Dr. Ben S. Graham, Jr.
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