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Ben B. Graham

President and CEO

Ben holds a degree in Economics from UCLA and an MBA from USC.

He has been working with the Graham Process Improvement methodology for over thirty years and has similar experience in database development. This background has given him a unique perspective in applying the methodology to electronic processes where inefficiencies tend to get lost. He has helped develop organization-wide improvement programs. He has worked with the government at all levels, with nonprofit and private enterprise; with people in R&D, legal, finance, IT, customer service, warehousing, and other departments. He has written several articles on detail process charting (mapping) and process improvement and is author of The Process Improvement Project Guide and Detail Process Charting: Speaking the Language of Process.

Ben conducts training workshops, provides consulting services and directs the company's software development.

Ben is married and has four kids.

You can email Ben at
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The Process Improvement Project Guide, Project Workbook, and Detail Process Charting

Detail Process Charting           The Process Improvement Project Workbook           Detail Process Charting
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