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Ten Thoughts
for a Systems Professional

Reward It is not wrong to desire wealth and honor but the desire to merit them will always be greater in the true professional.
Honesty You market your knowledge but if you can’t be trusted, of what value are your skills.
Politics A professional who takes sides in organizational politics makes lasting enemies and wary friends.
Rank Do not confuse high position or title with knowledge.  If the chief executive knows more about the filing system than the file clerk, the organization has deep trouble.
Sources When seeking people as sources of knowledge and ideas, go where the knowledge is.  Do not be put off if they are unfriendly.  Do not be shy if they are prestigious.  Do not pass them by if they are of low rank.
Appearance Do not place great emphasis on your appearance using it to impress or allowing it to detract.  Let your appearance be no more than appropriate while your performance shines.
Skill Know the tools of your profession so well that they need not occupy your attention.  Then you can give proper attention to what you are accomplishing.
Facts Gather facts at the source.  Capture them the same day.  Do not lose them by being disorganized or forgetful.
Mood Do not let your performance depend upon your mood.  Learn to control your mood so that you can put yourself into the frame of mind to provide your professional best at any time.
Yourself You will never affect anything in your life more important or more completely than yourself.  If you do not manage yourself well what will you do with your professional responsibilities?

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Ten Thoughts for a Systems Professional

Ten Thoughts for a Systems Professional

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