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Calculating Business Process Improvement Benefits

By Dr. Ben S. Graham, Jr.
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It is often obvious that a particular change in the way we do some work would be beneficial but how to put numbers on the benefits is not always at all obvious. And, without the numbers, it may be very difficult to gain approval, especially when a change requires investment – even trivial investment that would pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

This article covers how to calculate benefits to determine the “Bottom Line” effectiveness of a proposal. It includes worksheets and instructions on how to use them. It also deals with the relations between benefit calculations and downsizing. In short we eliminate work not people.

The Bottom Line

Calculating the benefits and costs of the changes is an important part of effective process improvement. Many benefits can be easily stated in dollar amounts. However, some involve intangible factors such as...

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Calculating Improvement Benefits

Calculating Benefits

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